Studio Policies

Read on about the studio policies at Moksha Yoga Burnaby.

Our goal is to create space for as many of you as possible in every single class we offer. 

To do that, we have a few guidelines in place:

1. Pre-Registered Classes

When you book ahead online, mobile app or phone-in.

The Basics:
We now allow 100% of the spots in our classrooms to be pre-registered for. Not all classes will fill in advance so there is opportunity to drop-in without registration. However, if you wish to be guaranteed a space in class please do pre-register! Check in at the front desk 5 minutes prior to the scheduled class start or we will release your spot for students present at the studio. If you try to pre-register for a class and get a message that you are on the waitlist, this now means that all of the other spots are currently spoken for. However, despite the $10 charge for no-shows, last minute space does happen and you may find that there is still room in your desired class. If you are close enough to the studio you can always call us within the 30 minutes prior to class for a status update on number of spots available.

How To Pre-Register:
Pre-register by using our mobile app, online through MindBody or giving us a call. Pre-registration may be limited based on your membership type (ex. Monthly memberships will be able to pre-register classes 30 days from payment date). You’ll need to sign-in to your MindBody account whether using the website or mobile app. Hint: Your log-in information is the same one you entered when you signed our waiver. If you’ve misplaced this information we can either resend you the info or reset – please ask at the front desk.

For long time clients – we did change the pre-registration policy January 1, 2018 and posted this change in the lobby in the studio and now here online. If you are used to popping in last minute, pre-registering can be a bit of a shift to make. And remember, not all classes will always fill up, this is generally going to be apparent during the most popular evening and weekend class times. 

*Moksha Fit Pre-Registration*
We also allow Moksha Fit classes to be pre-registered to full capacity (12 participants). If you see a green “Book Now” button this tells you that there are open spots. If you see a green “Add To Waitlist” there are no longer open spots, but you can put your name on the waitlist! When a pre-registered student cancels the first name on the waitlist gets automatically added and confirmed for the class. You will receive an automated email or text at this time. If you’ve received a notice about getting into class, please consider yourself CONFIRMED and therefore responsible for either attending or canceling. Text notifications are the easiest as they allow you to just text Y or N back to us to confirm your choice. We can change that contact preference for you in studio!

2. Late Cancellations

Removing yourself from pre-registered classes (see above).

We appropriately limit the number of spaces in class to ensure the best experience for all. As such, every spot counts! Please be courteous to your fellow yogis by cancelling out of class if you can’t make it. A $10 charge will occur if you late cancel or no-show to ANY class you have pre-registered. 4 Hours is the magic number. Be sure to cancel at least 4 hours before the scheduled start time to ensure you are not charged. All late cancellation charges are donated to our karma charity of the month. Late cancel fees are not a money grab. They are meant to bring awareness to the fact that if you book a spot but don’t come, it means someone else could have had that yoga class they really needed!

3. Late Arrival

All classes including pre-registered students and walk-ins.

We end our class sign-in time 5 minutes prior to scheduled start time.  Students hoping and waiting for a spot in class, we will start giving away spots in class to those who are changed and ready in the studio.

4. Moksha Memberships

The Basics
Moksha Membership is a minimum 3 months contract and an incredible way to commit to a calm mind, healthy body, and inspired life.  After the 3 months, your membership will auto-renew for up to 2 years. Moksha Members get UNLIMITED access to classes on our schedule, Member Benefits from local shops, 5 Free Class cards to bring your first-timer friends, and 15% off retail items and exclusive Membership pricing for special events & workshops.

Read our Membership Terms & Conditions here.

Holds & Cancellations
Going away? Put your Moksha Membership on hold to maintain your current pricing! Holds must be 30 days or less. Holds are unlimited and cost $20. Holds effectively pause your account payments which will extend your contract end date by however long your hold(s) are. Please e-mail our studio manager to request putting a hold on your account.

If you want to cancel your membership you are required to provide 30 day written notice. You can e-mail our studio manager or drop-off a sealed envelope at the Front Desk during business hours. If you want to cancel before the minimum 3 month contract, a cancellation fee of $35 will apply for each month remaining.

Special Rates

  • Student Rates are available to any full-time student with proof of valid/current student I.D.
  • Senior Rates are available to those 60 years and riper. 😉

As always, REACH OUT to us with your questions and/or feedback.

Studio Policies at Moksha Yoga Burnaby