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Twisting in Tadasana

Twisting can be tricky. In order to move well and injury-free throughout our day we need to be able to twist in all the right places. Often, due to areas that are stiff or under-used the twists we do in yoga class can be full of compensations and maybe aren’t all that comfortable. In Twisting in Tadasana, experienced Moksha teacher Matthew takes you through a practice designed to help you learn how to twist better for your body. “Tadasana” or “Mountain Pose” is the foundation for the exploration. Matthew has previously offered this workshop to rave reviews! Reserve your spot now! Members receive 15% off.


Sunday, January 28 to Sunday, January 28
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Moksha Yoga Burnaby
4701 Hastings St

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Organizer: Moksha Yoga Buraby