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Well Rounded Yoga – WRY

Sue Mc interviews Instructor Shayla

In September, Moksha Yoga Burnaby’s schedule will adjust and expand with some new offerings and the return of some favourites. Among the returning favourites is Well Rounded Yoga. MYB Instructor Shayla created this series of 6 classes that will be on SUNDAYS (Sept 10 – Oct 15th). Shayla has 1000 plus hours training including Moksha, Moksha Flow, Level 2, Yin, Nidra, Chair, Curvy and Trauma Informed. She sat down with Moksha Blog Curator Sue McIntyre, to talk about this class.

Sue: Thanks so much for meeting with me, Shayla. Please will you tell me, who is Well Rounded Yoga for?

Shayla: Well, It is for everyone, Students can decide if it’s the right fit for them. For example – Do they have a fuller/curvy body? and/or maybe they are working through an injury and want to adapt their practice with extra support? Do they want a smaller class with an opportunity for more personalized attention? It’s really an “ALL-bodies” class. In the last offering of WRY there were a variety reasons why people attended. Some were first-timers, not sure how they would feel walking into a regular class. They did want to come to our beautiful Moksha studio but felt a hot class was not right for them at this time (WRY is not hot). Some were Moksha-regulars just looking to enjoy the extra support, and some came with a friend to buddy-up and support each other.

Sue: What happens in the class?

Shayla: Each week is a 75 minute class. We will start with a short talk that may lead to an intention and/or weekly focus. We will move through a physical practice, building on what students may know using familiar poses, and adding new ones. There is always space to add or change to correspond to what the class brings up that day. All this while, students will be offered props, self adjustments and movements to bring the pose into each person’s body and receive the benefits… And of course there’s plenty of time for savasana.

Sue: How is Well Rounded Yoga different from a regular Moksha practice?

Shayla: It’s a smaller group, and the room is not hot. Participants are welcome to talk during the practice, and call out to me if they have a question or want assistance. We use more props & bolsters. There’s more time during the practice for individual adjustments, so that each person may find ways to explore their own uniqueness.

Sue: What inspired you to create this new practice?

Shayla: I guess my Mom, really.  She is proud of me and always asks about  the yoga classes I teach.  I realized something after she told me that yoga wasn’t for her body.  Why not? What was it about yoga that made her feel that way? So, in answer to that question, I created WRY.

Just like in my personal practice, I focus on body awareness… how to shift and move my body. I have learned to bring poses into my body versus forcing the body into a pose. Yoga is  moving our bodies into the benefit of the practice and I want to share that understanding and help enable others to do the same.

Sue: What was it like last time you offered Well Rounded Yoga at Moksha Burnaby?

Shayla: Great! we received a lots of positive feedback about the WRY classes. Some students attended just once, loved it and then were able to convince their apprehensive friends to join us in the fun. Students felt encouraged and a real sense of camaraderie.

Sue: Which of the Seven Pillars are embraced in the Well Rounded practice?

Shayla: All of them apply!

Live to Learn – We learn to practice with our own uniqueness in mind.

Be Accessible – It’s an “all-bodies” class. Body-affirming, come as you are!

Reach Out – There is a Karma spot, and a portion of the proceeds from the class will go to the Speak Your Peace campaign.

Community Support – We amplify our potential to support others.

Be Healthy – Well Rounded Yoga promotes a body-affirming practice – health in mind, body and spirit.

Be Peace – Compassion, when you take time to practice, connecting to yourself it can enable the capacity connect with others.

Live Green – Moksha Studios worldwide support and embrace environmentally sustainable business practices, and encourage their communities in environmental stewardship. WRY is part of this movement.

Sue: How can I sign up?

Shayla: By calling the studio at  604 558 2256 (CALM) or on MYB mindbody website

  • Sundays 11:45 AM      September 10th to October 15th  (6 classes)
  • $102  (Early-bird Until Sept 1st)
  • $118  After Sept 1st
  • OR Drop-in $20 per class

Would you like to try Well Rounded Yoga? Do you have questions for Shayla?  Contact her at shaylawellroundedyoga@gmail.com

Thank you to Shayla, for creating this unique practice, and for generously sharing your thoughts.

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