I have been passionate about health and wellness from a young age. I completed my Moksha Teacher Training shortly after I graduated with a BSc. Health Science from SFU in 2012. My first encounter with yoga was in second year of University. Initially I was enticed by the physical benefits, and skeptical of the rest. Little did I know, this practice would have a huge impact on the direction of my life. Yoga has been my gateway to internal awareness, self-honesty and a lifelong commitment to health and wellness.

When you come to my class at Moksha, you can expect an informative, challenging and inquisitive practice. Outside of Moksha, you might find me teaching yoga at an elementary school, a long-term residential care centre, or a mental health facility. My biggest passion is offering the therapeutic values of yoga to people of all ages and ability levels. When I’m not teaching yoga, I work part-time as a Community Support Worker and keep my nose in the books as I plug away at a Masters Certificate in Child and Youth Mental Health. I am interested in the impact of yoga for people living with disabilities, mental illness and addictions. I plan to continue my education in Occupational Therapy with the intention of integrating these practices. My two favorite Moksha Pillars are Be Accessible and Live To Learn, and if you’ve read up to this point you’ll understand why!