Hello, I’m Linda! I am originally from Ontario and have made beautiful B.C. my home. I love yoga and being outdoors; surrounded by the ocean, trees and mountains.

Yoga has been part of my self-care regime. Yoga helps to ground me and I have gained more awareness of my body and breath. Also, I am much better at responding effectively in social situations rather than being reactive. It has also given me a chance to be part of a wonderful community.

I have completed Moksha Level 1 training with intentions of doing Flow and Yin training in the near future. I have passion working with kids and youth and have completed “Yoga for Youth” training.

In many aspects of my life I am simultaneously engaging in the Moksha 7 pillars. The one that currently stands out for me is “Live to Learn.” I am opening myself to different opportunities in my personal and professional life. Through that process I am discovering new things about myself and realizing the importance of perseverance.