Born and raised in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, I came to the studio seeking for a community and I found it! I still remember my first visit and what blew my mind were the unique hempcrete walls and 100% green build efforts.
Prior to Moksha, I was a former Bikram practitioner and came to hot yoga for a physical practice and the heat! It wasn’t until I found Moksha that I’ve expanded the meaning of yoga beyond the asana postures and continue to do so even today! To me, yoga is the art of living.As an environmentalist, social justice activist and student of life, breath awareness is the thread that links the health of my mind and body to the actions I am responsible for as an individual in our world.
I am certified in Moksha Level 1 (Victoria, 2013) and soon to be trained in Moksha Flow this coming November (LA, 2015). I also graduated in 2014 at SFU with a BA in International Development and Sustainability. The Moksha Pillar I am working with is Live Green. Because we are a part of an intricate web of life, I hold nature close to heart and intentionally moderate my environmental impact.