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(and other snack metaphors for yoga) by Sue Mc

I was resting at the end of a sweaty, intense, glorious 30-minute morning Moksha-Fit class the other day. Laura was teaching, and she cued us from thread the needle pose to a reclined twist. I gently lowered my crossed-over left foot to the floor, and bumped knees with my friend on the mat to my… More details

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Being Well at Moksha Yoga Burnaby – by Sue Mc

Be Healthy! That’s one of the 7 Pillars of Moksha Yoga. If you have been practising for a while at Moksha Yoga Burnaby you will understand that this pillar extends beyond just healthy exercise and physical fitness. Nutrition and hydration, mindfulness and meditation, peace, stillness, healthy community… all of these aspects of health are developed… More details

pledge card

My (almost) Plastic-Free Day

Recently, I signed the Plastic Free Pledge at the studio. I pledge to purchase items in non-plastic packaging and refuse straws and to-go containers. Fresh out of a morning yoga practice I thought, “This is cool! Shouldn’t be too difficult!” I stopped at a coffee shop on the way to my office. I took my… More details

7 ideas yoga

7 ideas to juice up your summer yoga

In the frigid days of winter, and the damp chill evenings of early spring, we embrace the welcoming glow of the hot room. Here we can uncurl, open every pore, and feel the warmth permeating right to our bones. Our practice is encouraged by the safe cocoon of the Earth Room. We are energized by… More details


Eat Green, Live Green – by Sue Mc

Maybe it’s the glorious stirrings of Springtime. Maybe it’s the Grow your Yoga Challenge, and how happy and zesty that makes me feel. Maybe I just love food and the chance to talk about it. Whatever the reason, this time of year I get inspired to eat all of the fruits and vegetables! We are… More details

save a tree

Plant a Tree, Save the Planet by Sue Mc

I have always loved trees. As a child, camping with my family I would look for the biggest tree I could find, then run around and around its trunk until I felt dizzy. My sister and brother and I picked huckleberries from bushes growing in sun-dappled patches of the forest, and clambered onto mossy old… More details

Gratitude Journal

Exploring Gratitude and Openness – by Sue Mc

For Moksha Yoga Burnaby’s Gratitude and Growth Challenge 2018, I challenged myself to practise yoga three times a week, and to journal daily. I have noted my practice, and my journaling, on the board outside the earth room. There’s a heart for every yoga practice, and a dot for every day I have journaled. I… More details


Beautiful Soup

Beautiful soup, so rich and green, Waiting in a hot tureen! Who for such dainties would not stoop? Soup of the evening, beautiful soup! Soup of the evening, beautiful soup! Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll Soup has to be the perfect wintertime food. It’s nourishing, easily made with almost any combination of ingredients,… More details

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On Activating Intentions – by Sue Mc

How has 2017 been for you? What’s 2018 looking like? No matter what has happened, or what we may anticipate for the year to come, it’s a turning point. Many of us will think about intentions for the new year. Whether we call them resolutions, action plans, daydreams or visions, it’s a time of looking… More details