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On Activating Intentions – by Sue Mc

Dec 2017 blog image

How has 2017 been for you? What’s 2018 looking like? No matter what has happened, or what we may anticipate for the year to come, it’s a turning point. Many of us will think about intentions for the new year. Whether we call them resolutions, action plans, daydreams or visions, it’s a time of looking… More details

Move, Rest, Choose – Self Care for November by Sue Mc


Autumn’s bottom has set in. Gone are the crisp blue skies of September, the blazing tree canopies of October. The days are shorter, the mornings damp and chilly, the skies low and gloomy. Now is the time of colds, the flu, feeling tired of the rain and sometimes overwhelmed on the long slog down to… More details

On Learning to Listen (even when we disagree fundamentally)

Placa Catlunya

I was out of the country for most of the 30 day Speak Your Peace Challenge. One of the places I visited was Barcelona. Lucky me – my husband and I got to spend a week in that beautiful city, surrounded by glorious art, architecture, music, food, and lovely, lovely people. Everywhere we looked we… More details