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Summertime Yoga

Summer has filled her veins with light and her heart is washed with noon C. Day Lewis For many of us, summer is a time of relaxation and letting go of routines and responsibilities. School is out, vacation is on, the days are long. We skip out the door in flip flops – without a… More details


Finding Flow – by Sue Mc

I have been practising at Moksha Yoga Burnaby for two and a half years and I have never taken flow class – at least not on purpose. Once I took a class by accident. That was about a year ago. Otherwise I have enjoyed all of the other classes, but never flow. I have given… More details

Feature Photo Funky Sudsy Silent

Funky, Sudsy, Silent – Try Something New

Recently, we posted an article about The Beauty of Repetition, written by Joanna Thurlow Murphy of Moksha Yoga Halifax Joanna’s thoughts really hit home for me. Most of the time, my practice is consistent and reliable, something I return to again and again for wellness, peace, challenge, mindfulness, and so many other benefits. Its familiarity… More details

Moksha Meditation

Laetitia and Yvan Talk about Meditation

Recently, I sat down with Moksha Yoga Burnaby instructor Laetitia, and her friend Yvan, to talk about meditation. They have been practising meditation for over two years. They spoke with enthusiasm about their experience, and encouraged my curious questions. Here’s what we talked about: Sue: How did you begin your meditation practice? At first I was… More details

Inspired Life Blog

Meet the Mokshis: Shayla, Laura and Jenny

From time to time, we will introduce a member of the Moksha Burnaby Community, and highlight that person’s reflections on their yoga practice. This time we have a triple-treat: Meet your fellow Mokshis: Shayla, Jenny and Laura. Shayla Shayla is an instructor at MYB. She teaches Moksha, Flow, Yin, BFitt and Moksha Adv/Level 2.  Tell… More details


Yoga Is Music

Click here to listen to Matt’s album: Live At Greenhouse Studios. I’ve heard before that a good story should start from the beginning, but the beginning is somewhere that always seems to change from the perspective of the present. I will attempt to paint a clear picture of my path to yoga, but the brain… More details

Running, Singing, Yoga.

Running and Singing and Yoga

About a year and a half ago, I began my yoga practice. I also started running. I was looking for one thing from these activities: peace. I knew that 2015 would be a year in which I would need to call on extra courage and resilience, to face life challenges that I could see coming…. More details